Single-use plastics are clogging our oceans at an alarming rate
Most plastics will take hundreds of years to decompose
Introducing Nature Cup
Introducing Nature Cup
100% repulpable and recyclable single-use products
the sustainable solution
the sustainable solution
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The majority of single-use products are non-repulpable and non-recyclable

While many of these products are paper based, most are lined with multiple layers of plastic that make them non-repulpable and non-recyclable.  That means these products will pollute our environment for hundreds of years!

The NextGen Cup Challenge estimates that over 250 billion fiber cups are distributed each year

These single-use products are polluting our rivers, oceans, and planet in a alarming manner.

8,000 plastic-lined cups laid out end-to-end would stretch a mile

With over 250 billion cups distributed each year, that’s equivalent to 31,250,000 miles of cups. In addition, the plastic layers on those cups would stretch 125,000,000 miles miles long. That is enough plastic to circle the globe over 5,000 times!


Paper Cups & Cartons has taken the lead by developing Nature Cup, a single-use paper product line. This product is different than most single-use paper products because it is not lined with plastic, yet it performs just as well as the cups you’re accustomed to. Nature Cup is also certified recyclable and repulpable, so you’re able to provide the same branded image you always have.


Make the move to Nature Cup

     The sustainable solution


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